Cut at the Knees




Well I want to make love like I haven't hurt in a while.
Want to get to where I'm going without putting on any miles.
Pedal to the metal, nothing appears real.
Feel like public transportation, someone else is at the wheel.
I don't want to look back, regret's a pillar of salt.
Well let god burn down this sodom and gomorrah of my heart.
Try to move forward, but there's no movement in line.
Like not having a watch, but constantly asked for the time.

If you have nothing to say, who's going to listen?
Then you have no one to blame, and you should have listened.
To what they said, to what they said.

I want to make amends and take away all these demons.
Hey, old friend. Take me back to reason.
'Cause I'm on my way out of my mind.
I'm on my way out, of this line.

I'm looking both ways, but not crossing the street.
'Cause my mind says go, but the connections cut at the knees.
My feet stay still, but they're not stuck to the ground.
Every once in a while, you know I jump up and down.
Double dealt, left out, can't say you weren't warned.
I have my head up in the clouds but there's a violent storm.
Lightning strikes, just like love at first sight.
But is it that I just don't want to be alone tonight?


from Return of the Jerk EP, released December 2, 2016



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BILLY DREAMER Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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